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What Is Coaching? 

 In it's simplest terms, coaching is a collaborative relationship by which we help our clients to find the "missing piece to their puzzle."  Coaching is very different from both therapy (which we do not offer) and consulting (which we do offer). 

Coaching vs. Therapy

Therapy looks at the past and is geared toward clients that need professional help in working towards recovery or healing.  Coaching is more present oriented and our clients are emotionally stable.

Coaching vs. Consulting

Consulting tends to be more focused on results and achieving certain outcomes.  Coaching on the other hand  is more "people-centered".   Consulting is much more structured whereas coaching tends to be more "open-ended".  The job of the coach is to "draw out" the answers from within the client.  Coaching is based on the premise that the client already has the answers to all of their questions - they are just buried deep within them.


How We Do It

  Born To Win offers a number of different coaching options to fit both your needs and your budget.  Unless you live in the Nashville area, all coaching is done over the telephone.  However, if you live in the Nashville area (or are willing to travel to Nashville), you then have the option of meeting face to face for your coaching session.

Whether virtual or face-to-face, we recommend that all of our coaching clients begin with our on-line DISC Assessment.  This powerful tool provides an insightful look at "what makes you tick".  We work with many clients that are struggling in their life and careers and often this is a result of not truly understanding "who they are".  The DISC Assessment helps to provide some clarity to that question and is a great starting point for the coaching relationship. 


World Class Suite of Tools 

Mike Estes is a Certified Coach through the Coach Training Alliance. What does that mean to you as a potential client?  First and foremost is should provide you confidence that Mike has received the necessary training as well as met stringent requirements to achieve this certification.

Additionally, Mike has a wealth of tools at his disposal.  However, the greatest tools that he brings to the table are his experience and his listening skills.  Mike works diligently to make sure that every coaching session truly is "all about the client". 


Are You Ready To Win Big?

Are your ready to WIN BIG in the game of life?  Are you ready to experience true break-through transformations and live a life of purpose and passion?

If so, then coaching may be right for you.  To find out more or to receive a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with Mike Estes, simply click here.