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Issue 19

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Special Edition October 25, 2009
Hello Friend!

What I'm about to share with you will have some of the entrenched gurus in MANY niches shaking in their boots!
Because there is a SECRET Ingredient that YOU already have that you can use to OUT-CHARGE, and OUT-CONVERT the established gurus in YOUR OWN niche.
What's more, there's NOTHING they can do to respond to it. They'll be crying 'UNCLE' while they secretly wonder how you've passed them by!
My friend Kevin Nations has been helping people just like you change the rules of the game so that it favors the Service-Based entrepreneur vs. the 'Image Building Guru'.
And on Thursday, October 29 - he's gonna teach  you this one powerful Prospect Seduction technique that will not only LEVEL the playing field, it'll tilt it MAGICALLY in your favor!
Unless you're just DETERMINED to make life hard in your business, go register HERE for this MAGICAL call.
You can thank me later!
Mike Estes
P.S. Have any doubts? Still think you've got to be a GURU to get ahead?
Head over to youtube and watch just a few of the HORDES of case studies of the work he's done!  Those examples are mostly from people who paid THOUSANDS to learn what Kevin teaches. But not you - I've arranged for you to learn it for F/REE on this call!




Mikes Estes, The Winner's Coach

 Mike Estes
"The Winner's Coach"


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About Mike Estes & Born To Win
CartoonMike is the President and Founder of Born To Win, LLC.  Mike's core belief is that "We are all Born To Win" - but sometimes we need a little help.
That's why he founded Born To Win - to help others to not just win, but to WIN BIG in their business and personal lives.
Mike is a multi-million dollar sales producer and is passionate about helping small businesses excel at growing their bottom line.  As a CTA certified coach, Mike has both the expertise and world-class suite of tools to help you to take your business to heights that you only  dreamed of.
A true kid at heart, Mike believes in having fun while pushing the limits.  An example of this is his recent jump from the top of a telephone pole to a trapeze bar!  Are you ready to win big?  If so, contact Mike and the folks at Born To Win today!  

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