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Issue 11 March 17, 2009

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Issue 11 March 17, 2009
Dear mike,
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Are you wearing green or are you one of those people that just likes to be pinched! 
Speaking of green, could you use a little more green in your bank account?  If so, then you will want to play close attention to our feature article: "10 Cool Tools For Your Business."
In this weeks newsletter I am going to lay out some really cool business tools for you to look at.  So go ahead, pick them up, and try them on for size.  Just like any tool, they won't do a bit of good laying around in your tool box.
Feel free to drop me a line and let me know about your experience with these tools - and maybe you can also clue me in on some of your favorite business building tools.
Until next time, here's to "not just winning...but Winning Big!" 
Carpe diem!

Mikes Estes, The Winner's Coach

Mike Estes, "Winner's Coach"

10 Cool Tools!

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10 Cool Tools For Your Business!
Here are 10 cool tools that will help help add more green to your bottom line if they are implemented correctly.  Simply click on the name of the tool in blue, and you will be magically transported (uhm...redirected) to the tool's website.  Enjoy!
Master Plan Productivity Suite:If you want to stay on top of all of your projects and get more done than you ever thought was posssible, then you need to check out this web-based software.  If you like what you see, call or email me and I'll provide you a code you can enter during registration for a free 30 day trial.

Find Your WeWe Score

:  This is one of my favorite tools.  In marketing, companies loooovvveee to talk about themselves.   But we all know this does not work.  Customers don't want to hear about the company or even the product - they want to know what it's going to do for them!   And now there is a way to tell if your marketing does that.  So what is a "WeWe" Score?  It has nothing to do with going potty!  Nope, it's a cool tool that will track how many times your website (or copy) talks about "You" vs. how many times it talks about "Your Customer".  Obviously, you want your copy and web pages to be very customer-centric - it should be all about them!  Go ahead and test your copy!
Grade Your Website:  This free tool enables you to measure the marketing effectiveness of your website.
Link Popularity: How popular is your site?  This free tool can help determine that by measuring the total number of sites that link to your site.  Why is this important?  Because good link popularity will increase traffic to your site!
PR Web Traffic:  Need more traffic to your site?  A Press Release can be just what the doctor ordered.  If you already have a Press Release, then PRWeb Traffic can distribute it across the Internet for you.  This is a paid service.
Make Your Site More Google-Friendly:  Use Google's free Webmaster Tools to make your site easier for Google to find.  You can see what your site "looks like" to Google - and how  you to improve your site's visibility in Google searches.

Alexa Toolbar: Check out your competition's site with the Alexa Toolbar.  With just a click of the mouse you can see how much traffic other sites are getting, their average traffic rank, how long they have been online, links to other websites, and the speed of their site.
TubeMogul:  A recent survey indicated that "video content" has now surpassed "non-video content" as a measure of total traffic on the web.  If you aren't marketing with video, you are missing out.  As a matter of fact, look for video's from Born To Win very soon!  TubeMogul is a great service that will blast your video to almost all of the video sharing sites (such as YouTube).
Traffic Geyser:  Traffic Geyser is similar to TubeMogul except that it is a paid service.  However, it distributes your video to more sites and offers a few other features not found in TubeMogul.
Ezine Articles Writing short articles can be an excellent method for generating traffic to your site.  By submitting your article to Ezine Articles, you have the potential for tens of thousands of newsletter publishers to publish your article in their newsletter.  In exchange for using your article, they must put a link to your site in the resource box at the end of the article.  This is a great way to drive traffic to your site as well as gain additional exposure and credibility.
That's it for this week.  Now go put these tools into good use!

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CartoonMike is the President and Founder of Born To Win, LLC.  Mike's core belief is that "We are all Born To Win" - but sometimes we need a little help.
That's why he founded Born To Win - to help others to not just win, but to WIN BIG in their business and personal lives.
Mike is a multi-million dollar sales producer and is passionate about helping small businesses excel at growing their bottom line.  As a certified Total Integration consultant, Mike has both the expertise and world-class suite of tools to help you to take your business to heights that you only  dreamed of.
A true kid at heart, Mike believes in having fun while pushing the limits.  An example of this is his recent jump from the top of a telephone pole to a trapeze bar!  Are you ready to win big?  If so, contact Mike and the folks at Born To Win today via email or toll free at 877-YOU-WIN2.

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