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Issue 10 March 10, 2009

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Issue 10 March 10, 2009
What a crazy week this has been - and it's only Tuesday!  I trust your week is off to a great start - but if it's been a bit crazy too, don't sweat it!  It will get better...I promise!
I am proud to announce that, after months of behind the scenes work, we now have our new Born To Win website up and running!  Go take a look at   Check back often as we will continually provide fresh and new information each and every week.
One of the events that made this week interesting is that I received a call from a local TV news station requesting an interview.  While I can't yet share the exact subject of the interview, I can tell you that it got me to thinking about small business.
Specifically, it made me consider the ways a small business can survive this economic storm we are in.  So be sure and read all about it in our Feature Article entitled, "Are You An ASSET?"
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Mikes Estes, The Winner's Coach

Mike Estes, "Winner's Coach"

Are You An Asset?

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Are You An A.S.S.E.T.?
Although I never really liked accounting much, I've always known it is much better to Cartoonhave assets than liabilities.
The same is doubly true if your own a business.  More importantly, it's not just important to have assets, but to BE an asset.  So what does it mean to be an asset in business? 
To keep it simple, I've created an acronym out of the word ASSET:
A: ASSET -->  First and foremost, as a business owner you must know what your true
           asset is.   This is not the products or services that you sell.  It is deeper than that.
           It's "the" reason your customers do business with you instead of your competitors.  
           One definition of a true asset might be: "An earned position in a relationship, often
           based upon the meeting of needs beyond typical transactional business."  Once you
          know and understand your true asset, it is your responsibility to maximize that asset
          for your clients and customers.  It's "the thing" that will keep them coming back to
          and not your competitors.  If you don't know what your true asset is, then you need
          to attend my upcoming "Reinventing Your Business" webinar on March 19th (See
S: SHOW VALUE -->  With every customer or client interaction, it is important to
          demonstrate the value that you or your company provides.  Sometimes this will
          be monetarily - such as ROI.  Other times, it will be the "extras" that you provide
          that your competitors do not.  When is the last time your customers were pleasantly
          surprised by you?  Do your customers constantly refer others to you?  If so, this is
          one of the clearest signals that you are providing great value.  If not, then maybe it's
          time to reconsider the value that you are providing.
S:  SERVE WELL -->  There simply is no substitute for excellent service! 
           Unfortunately, it is such a  rare commodity these days that one has to do little to rise
           above the crowd of mediocrity.  This is one of the simplest ways to gain market
           share.  How do you know if you are serving your customers well?  Two ways: 1) They
           keep coming back and 2) They go out of their way to thank you for your excellent
E:  ENJOY YOUR WORK -->  It really is okay to whistle while you work!  In fact,
           studies show that you are much more productive when doing work that you truly
           enjoy.  It is also very evident to your customers if you truly love what you do. 
           It will come across in every interaction with your customers.  Likewise, if you don't
           enjoy your work, that too will be crystal clear to your (soon to be ex-) customer.
T:  TRUSTED RESOURCE -->  When times are tough (like now), it is more important
           than ever to be the "Go To Guy" for your customers.  In basketball,  when there is
           time for one last shot to win the game, they give the ball to their "Go To Guy". 
           Are your customers calling on  you to help them win their game?  Are you truly a
           trusted resource - the first one they call to help solve their problems?  If not, why

 Remember, customers (hopefully yours) are still pulling money out of their purses and wallets every day to buy the goods and services from those that are positioned as an asset.  So if you don't have all of the business you need, maybe it's time you become an
asset to your customers.

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About Mike Estes & Born To Win
CartoonMike is the President and Founder of Born To Win, LLC.  Mike's core belief is that "We are all Born To Win" - but sometimes we need a little help.
That's why he founded Born To Win - to help others to not just win, but to WIN BIG in their business and personal lives.
Mike is a multi-million dollar sales producer and is passionate about helping small businesses excel at growing their bottom line.  As a certified Total Integration consultant, Mike has both the expertise and world-class suite of tools to help you to take your business to heights that you only  dreamed of.
A true kid at heart, Mike believes in having fun while pushing the limits.  An example of this is his recent jump from the top of a telephone pole to a trapeze bar!  Are you ready to win big?  If so, contact Mike and the folks at Born To Win today via email or toll free at 877-YOU-WIN2.

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