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Issue 5 February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009


Wow!  The first month of 2009 is already history!  Can you believe it?  Is your business on track?  If not, what obstacles are holding you back?
There are only a few certainties in this life.  And one of those certainties is that, in both life and business, you will face obstacles and rejection.  The question is not "if" but "when" you will face them.
An even more important question is "what" are you going to do when rejection is staring you eyeball to eyeball.  That's the subject of our main article today.
     6 Steps For Rejecting "Rejection"
Have you ever faced rejection?  Silly question, right?  Everyone has faced rejection at one time or another.  If you are in business, chances are good you've faced rejection Cartoonalready this year.
The fear of rejection is one of the most damaging and insidious fears we face.  It has the power to stop sales dead in their tracks.  It can derail a brilliant idea before it ever gets started.  It can literally suck the lifeblood and productivity out of a company.
So what are we to do when facing this ominous adversary?  Are there ways you can become immune to rejection?  Or do we simply just have to learn to live with it?
Before answering those questions, let's take a deeper look at rejection.  Mark Victor Hanson suggests asking the following six questions to help redefine rejection:
1) What is the worst thing that could happen?
2) If the worst were to happen, could I live with it?
3) If the worst were to happen, will I lose anything?
4) What's the best possible outcome?
5) I'll compare the worst results with the best possible outcome.
6) Based on the facts, what is my most likely outcome?
Once we answer these questions, we are much more likely to have a proper perspective on our fear of rejection.  Consider the following scenario.  Bob is a new salesman.  His manager has asked him to call on an account dominated by his competitor.  He has heard rumors that this account will never move from their current vendor (his competitor).  Bob is fearful of being rejected by such a potentially great customer.
Let's analyze Bob's fears based on our 6 points above:
1) Worst Outcome?  Bob blows the presentation and does not convert the customer.  Hey, he currently does not do business with this customer - so nothing was lost.
2) Worst Outcome - can I live with it?  Yes, it's one of many presentations Bob will give during his sales career.
3) Worst Outcome - what will I lose?  Bob might lose a little pride or ego, but certainly no long term damage or physical harm will befall him.
4) Best possible outcome?  Bob could win over a customer from the competitor when everyone else said "it couldn't be done"!  Bob's a hero....with a big commission check.
5) The Worst vs. The Best?  Let's see, the worst thing that can happen is Bob really blows the presentation. is embarrassed and does not win this customer.  The best outcome is a new customer, recognition, big commission, and Rock Star status among his peers.  Hmm, starting to seem like a no-brainer.
6) Most likely outcome?  If Bob does his homework and prepares a great presentation loaded with value for his potential client, the likely outcome is good.  At the very least he will improve his skill level and learn what didn't work.
So the next time you are facing the monster called rejection, slow down, calm your nerves, and then work through these six steps.  You'll be surprised at how many "monsters" you slay in the process!

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