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Issue 9 March 3, 2009

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Issue 9 March 3, 2009
Is there anything more frustrating than car repairs?  Maybe it's just me, but I'm a bit distrustful of the whole industry.
However, I learned several great lessons last week about how to run a truly successful business - and yes, I learned it from a car repair shop!
So be sure and read our feature article this week entitled: "Lost:  $1500 --> Gained: Lifetime Customer". 
And you certainly don't want to miss out on learning about the "Four Reason People Don't Buy From You" - as well as what you can do about it!
Finally, did you notice the new look of our  newsletter?  It's a preview of the design for our new Born To Win website - which will be unveiled next week.  So stay tuned for details of just how this site will benefit you!
Carpe diem!

Mikes Estes, The Winner's Coach

Mike Estes, "Winner's Coach"

Lost $1500 - Gained: Lifetime Customer
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4 Reasons Customers Won't Buy
About Mike
Lost: $1500 --->  Gained: Lifetime Customer
I grew up in an era (and with a dad) that believed you should do all of your own auto repairs.  As I've gotten older, the cars have grown more sophisticated and I now have less time to work on them  As a result, I don't do any of my own auto maintenance or repairs today.
My pickup recently began to slowly leak antifreeze.  I noticed a spot smiling womanor two in my garage and checked all of the common places it could be leaking (hoses, etc).
I was due for an oil change, so I took my truck to the dealer (like always) and asked them to check for the leak.  They did and charged me $85 just for poking around!  They grimaced and said this could get expensive.  The truck is no longer under warranty so I decided to get a second opinion before handing my wallet over to the dealer.
I decided to visit an independently owned garage based on a recommendation from a friend.  I didn't want to make the 30 minute drive to the shop but thought it might save me a couple of nickels.  The garage confirmed what I had been told at the dealership - it would be an expensive leak to repair as it was very labor intensive. 
Wow!  They have my best interest in mind!!
 The garage quoted me $1500.   I was just about to give them the green light for the repairs when the mechanic said, "Wait a minute, I think this model truck had an extended warranty (from the factory) on the powertrain, right?"
I thought for a minute and did recollect there being an extended warranty.  He went on to tell me that the dealership should repair this under warranty because it was considered part of the powertrain and still within the time/mileage limits.  He said he would be glad to do the repair, but unless I just wanted to waste $1500, I should go back to the dealer.
Saved me $1500!
At this point I was both happy and ticked.  I was happy that I would not have to pay $1500, but ticked that the dealer - the manufacturer of the truck (one of the  same ones that have been asking the government for bailouts by the way) never mentioned this was under warranty!
Secret To Their Success...
I got my neighbor Jim to run me to the garage to pick up my truck and take it back to the dealer.  When Jim found out where I was going, he commented that he himself had used the garage years ago.  He said, "If the owner is still the same, he will remember me by name - even though I haven't been in there in 15 years!"
Sure enough, we walked in and the owner said, "Hi Jim, how are you?".  I was floored, but not surprised as my experience with this man and his employees was top notch.  Heck, he just turned down $1500 because it was "the right thing to do".  He understood that his job was not to "make a quick sale' but rather to provide value to his customers - and in doing so "create a customer for life".
The Dealership Pays.......but Free PR for the Garage...
I did make the dealer repair the leak - and yes, it was covered under warranty. But you can rest assured that I will drive 30 minutes out of my way to deal with my new friend in the car repair business for my next non-warranted repair.  I will also recommend him to all that I know.  As he was handing me my keys, he asked if I would like to be on their VIP mailing list and get some great coupons from time to time.  I said absolutely and readily gave him my email address.
More Secrets To Their Success...
Did I mention that most of his mechanics have been with him 20+ years?  Guess he treats them as well as he treats his customers.  And speaking of customers, his business is booming with customers standing in line.......right in the middle of this big old ugly recession....
Now that my friends is how you run a business.
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Four Reasons Why Customers Won't Buy From You!
man with cashWhen I visit with clients, I often hear that they need more customers.  And they are right, they do need more customers.
But before we jump in and diagnose how to get more customers, we must first understand why customers are not buying.
There are countless ideas and theories from so-called gurus as to why folks won't buy.  However, most of them have never run a business or been in professional sales.
There really are only 4 reasons why a customer will not buy:
1) They do not know, like, or trust you.
2) They simply do not need what you are selling.
3) The timing is not right for them to buy what you are selling.
4) They do not have the money to buy what you are selling.
Let's start with Reason #1 first:
Know-Like-Trust Factor:  If your customer does not like or trust you, all bets are off.  You might as well call it a day and head for the hills.  The key is to build a relationship before trying to make a sale.  It's called relationship-based selling - and it is the ONLY way to win in business today.
No Needs:  It's better to find this out sooner than later so that you do not waste your time or your potential client/customer's time.  This is done by 1) making sure you are deailing with the decision maker - the one that has the authority to open up the the checkbook and write you a check and 2) asking the right questions to uncover their needs.  They may not know their needs, but part of the value that you provide is helping to uncover those needs (if they exist).
Wrong Time:  This boils down to the buyer not having a sense of urgency.  It's almost always the wrong time unless your customer is in a state of crisis.  Again, you need to help create a sense of urgency so that your customer will take action.  This can be accomplished in many ways (too many for discussion here) - but one of the most effective is painting a picture for your client of the consequences or pain they will face as a result of not taking action.  If you can help them feel the pain they will experience as a result of not taking action followed by the benefits of taking action, they will often decide that this is exactly the right time to do business with you.
No Money:  Guess what?  My customers or clients never have the money - and I bet yours are the same way.  If your product or service is strictly price based you are in deep trouble.  You must move from a price based offering to a value based offering.  It's amazing, if you provide the right value - your customer will suddenly find the money to pay for that value.
Your Challenge This Week -  For every sale that you do not make this week, try to understand which of the 4 categories they fall into.  Look for trends.  Change is always difficult but can be very rewarding.  If you need assistance with this, contact our offices at 877-YOU-WIN2 for a complimentary strategy session.  Together, we can grow your customer base.
About Mike Estes & Born To Win
CartoonMike is the President and Founder of Born To Win, LLC.  Mike's core belief is that "We are all Born To Win" - but sometimes we need a little help.
That's why he founded Born To Win - to help others to not just win, but to WIN BIG in their business and personal lives.
Mike is a multi-million dollar sales producer and is passionate about helping small businesses excel at growing their bottom line.  As a certified Total Integration consultant, Mike has both the expertise and world-class suite of tools to help you to take your business to heights that you only  dreamed of.
A true kid at heart, Mike believes in having fun while pushing the limits.  An example of this is his recent jump from the top of a telephone pole to a trapeze bar!  Are you ready to win?  If so, contact Mike and the folks at Born To Win today.

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