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Issue 1 January 6, 2009

January 6, 2009


We are 6 days into 2009 - how are you doing so far?  If this year hasn't started off with a bang, then let me suggest a few ideas that may help.  In no particular order, here are my Top 10 Suggestions for a Better 2009:
1) Quit listening to those that say you "Can't"
2) Turn off the news
3) Quit reading the doomsday reports in the newspaper
4) Quit telling others your problems and spreading fear and panic by talking about how worried you are about the economy
5) Pray More!
6) Develop a Wise Plan of Action
7) Implement your Wise Plan of Action
8) Seek out help.  Never try to do it all alone!
9) Spend time understanding your life purpose and determining how you were created to serve others.  What is your core asset?
10) Love and Laugh freely!
So there you have it!  Don't try and implement all 10 at once - just pick one and focus on it for a day or two.  You'll be surprised at how much better your life really can be!

3 Strategies for Thriving in 2009
               (Part 1 of a 3 Part Series) 

Many businesses and individuals will thrive in 2009.  The big question is whether you will be one of them.
Yes, the economy is turbulent and yes this presents some very new and very real challenges.  However, the current economy also presents great opportunities...if you know and understand how to exploit them.
The 3 strategies presented in this series will allow you to flourish in 2009.  As a matter of fact, these 3 strategies will enable you to thrive in ANY ECONOMY if implemented properly.
Strategy 1:  Provide Value
Providing value to your client, customer, or employer sounds simple enough.  However, very few understand or implement this principle on a sustainable basis.
The key to providing value rests in 2 factors.  The first factor - and the one people struggle with the most - is understanding their true asset.  As a small business owner or sales/service professional, what is it that you offer?  No, not your product or service - but what is it that you corporately or personally were created to do? 
If you cannot articulate your true asset in a single sentence, then you will be severely limited in the value you are able to provide.  Uncovering this asset takes work, but the rewards - both intrinsic and financial - can be substantial. 
If you don't know and understand your true asset, I have some tools that I would like to offer.  First and foremost, I would be honored to engage you in a 45 minute strategy session to help uncover your true asset.  This is a complimentary session - simply Click Here for all of the details.
The second factor in providing value is to have a laser focused understanding of exactly what it is that your customer or client values - and then provide that product or service at a fair and reasonable price.  Hmm, that sounds simple enough, but how do I know what's important to my customer? 
The best method of finding out what is important to your client is to ask them!  This can be accomplished through a variety of formats.  You might be surprised at how effective a good old fashioned telephone might work.  Simply call up an existing client, thank them for their business and then ask how well you are meeting their requirements.  You might then inquire about any requirements they have that you are not meeting. 
Asking  questions of your existing clients or customers accomplishes two important tasks.  First, your customer will be delighted over your concern for them and their business.  Second, you will receive invaluable information that will enable you to serve your customer even better and provide greater value.
In summary, the first strategy for thriving in 2009 is to provide value to your customers or clients.  The best way to provide value is to 1) know who you are and what you have to offer and 2) know who your customer is and understand what they value.
Next week, we will take a look at the 2nd Strategy for thriving in 2009.  In my estimation, no business can survive without implementing this principle.


Need A Big Bag of Cash?  

bag of money

I don't know about you, but I could certainly use a big bag of cash.  I suspect you could too.  However, we both know that there is no bailout plan for individuals or small businesses.  Only those entities that our government deems as "too big to fail" receive big bags of cash.
And quite frankly, I'm glad there is no bailout for you or me.  If there was, it would be much like winning the lottery...empty!  I may be stepping on some toes, but if your plan for financial security involves playing the lottery, you might as well unsubscribe now as "Born To Win" probably has a different meaning for you.
As an aside, most lottery winners end up broke, destitute, or worse only a few years after receiving their "good fortune".  I suspect the same might end up being true for some of the companies the government is bailing out.  Only time will tell.
Now let's get back to that big bag of cash.  Contrary to what the mainstream media might have you believe, there is great opportunity for making money.  However, in order to achieve true financial freedom, you must make money your slave.  In essence, you must master your money and not vice versa.
This mastery concept might be new to you.  Or maybe you understand mastery - it's just that money is your master and you are the slave.  Either way, I encourage you to begin thinking of money simply as a tool that you must master. 
Throughout this year we will visit this subject often and provide some tangible strategies to enable you to become master over your finances.  For now, just begin with a shift in mindset that money will be your slave beginning now.

Issue: 1
In This Issue
3 Strategies For Thriving in 2009
Need A Big Bag of Cash?
Your 2009 Goals!

Your 2009 Goals! 
What are your goals for 2009?  If you haven't set them yet, it's not too late.  Stop reading right now and go grab a pencil and paper. 
On the first sheet of paper, outline the areas that you would like to set goals.  I personally set goals in 10 different areas ranging from my Faith, my Business, my Family, and having fun.
On the next sheet of paper, write the category name at the top of the paper (one sheet per category).  Then begin to list your short term (90 day), intermediate (1 year), and long term 1-5 year) goals under each heading.
You do have pencil and paper in hand and you are doing this....right?  Need a little motivation? 
Consider the fact that 10% of the U.S. population controls 90% of the wealth....and guess what, it's the same 10% that set and achieve goals on a regular basis.  Need more motivation? 
Consider the study done back in the 70's on a class of Harvard grads.  Upon graduation, only 3% of them had written goals.  The class was tracked for 20 years.  At the end of 20 years, the 3% that had written goals had a higher combined net worth than the other 97% of the class.  Impossible you say? 
How about one more example, because I really want you to "get this". 
Dan's Story:
This is a story about a guy named Dan.  Dan showed up for the 1996 Olympic trials with all of the rest of the Decathlon hopefuls.  The coach asked how many of the athletes had written goals.  Of course, almost all of the hands shot up.  He then asked how many knew their goals word for word.  A few less hands were raised.  He then asked how many of them had their goals with them at that very moment.  Only one hand went up this time. 
Not only did Dan O'Brien raise his hand that day, we went on to win the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal in the Decathlon and earned the title as the "World's Greatest Athlete".  Was it coincidence that the only one carrying written goals won the Gold Medal in Atlanta that day?  Are you willing to take that risk?  Dan wasn't.

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